how the auto water changer works!



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The Reefloat AWC 28b Litre Automated Water Changer cuts out the need for numerous containers, mixing pumps, manual syphoning and all the mess that goes with it!

this is the latest release and no pre filter is fitted (option of inline pre filter) click here

the AWC28b has moulded carrying handles for easy moving

example: this unit will give approx 10% water change on a 275 litre setup - calculation based on approx 10% water displacement by rock, substrate etc

  • fully automated start, cycle and stop
  • Plug & Play - everything supplied, no extra's required
  • pump height exceeds 3 metres
  • pipe length 2 metres from ground level
  • low voltage (12 volt adaptor supplied)
  • everything supplied, no extra's needed


shipping £12.50 uk mainland