how the auto water changer works!

AWC kit
AWC kit

AWC kit

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everything except container (although you will need a few tools)


this unit shipping available worlwide - if your country not listed at checkout please message us


  1. pre-programmed controller 
  2. DC40 pump with hosetail
  3. 4 metres re-inforced pipe
  4. Glands for pipe and cable
  5. male hosetail for cap
  6. pump-controller connector
  7. 2 x locline type fittings
  8. tap and strainer
  9. 2 x herbie clips
1,2,3,4,7 & 8 are pre-assembled

    you will require the following: 

    tools required- not supplied

    terminal screwdriver,

    1/4" BSP TAP/M12 X1.5 TAP/M20 X 1.5 TAP (see PIC)

    adhesive for the glands

    CONTAINER w/lid (not supplied)

    The kit is supplied pre-wired with only one terminal connection to be made on the pump, pipe assemblies complete and ready to connect with only the glands requiring your chosen container to  drilled/threaded and the glands bonding onto container - a video guide will be supplied as a downloadable file

    not know what timing you require? send us a message stating overaul capacity of aquarium and sump along with capacity of your chosen container and we will advise