how the auto water changer works!

FINALLY - EU issues sorted but USA not so much

its taken a while resulting in lost sales along the way but we are back on track

leaving the EU along with the resulting backlash of huge delivery delays and all the necessary documention required is now finally on track again

this along with having to register for VAT has raised obstacles that have taken a while but now customers from Germany (and the EU) are returning despite some necessary price increases

probably a result of covid but shipping to USA and Canada has taken a big hit due to shipping costs nearly doubling, I cannot say I blame anyone for not purchasing when the shipping cost is half as much again of the product price, lets hope with travel restrictions easing airline costs will return to pre-covid rates although not optomistic (prices go up but rarely down)


latest quote on shipping awc53 to USA via UPS is £85 (19/6/2021)

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