how the auto water changer works!

awc design change

Aug 2020 - why have we changed design?

our supplier of customised acrylic components is no longer able to supply due to health reasons hence the need to remove the pre-filter from the product and is not considered a necessity - for any that still wish to use a pre-filter we have the option of fitting one inline and is simply a case of cutting the intake pipe at a suitable point and the filter can be fitted without any tools required.


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  • Both my Refloat items, being my AWC 75 and my ATU have been second to none, both have work extremely well, with minimal hick ups, given that l think my AWC must be about 10 years old and the ATU around 6 year’s, even then with the excellent back up with information, help, guidance, super fast response, postage of items, and spares from Gordon, has given me the ability to up date both of them myself at very minimal cost. Both items have been very helpful to me in this hobby, the AWC has saved me time, energy and my back, giving me a stress free water change to both myself and the live stock in the tank, the ATU has given me the benefits and peace of mind , allowing me to sit back and maybe top up the reservoir every two weeks or so, meaning that also there is less for the holiday cover person to do. I have updated my ATU to the latest sensor, very easily, which has proven to be a good upgrade for me. Happy tanking .

    Myles Breary

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